Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fighting on the Home Front! A Housewife's Schedule.

Fighting on the Home Front!

Good morning, Mrs. Jones, it's another great day for keeping our house clean, isn't it?

Oh my, you look bored! And there's so much to do.

Next door, Mrs. Smith is already working. What's her secret? Let's look:

Mrs. Smith has just as much work to do, but she's concentrated on certain rooms on different days. In the morning, she gets herself and the children up. Everyone is in charge of making their beds. Once the little ones are off to school, it's time to see what the task of the day is.

Monday: Bathrooms.
Tuesday: Bedrooms.
Wednesday: Kitchen and Meals Planning.
Thursday: Shopping and Living Room.
Friday: Dusting and Floors.
Saturday: Car.

After that, there's laundry to get done, and after the children get home, a dinner to get on the table. In the evenings, after dinner and dessert and before bed it's time for a 10-15 minute clean up for the whole family. Mrs. Smith is not overwhelmed cleaning the whole house every day, but maintains her house with an easy schedule.

A clean house provides a relaxing, comfortable place to look forward to and makes guests and family alike feel welcome at home. Keeping such high morale at home gives the boys overseas something wonderful to come home to.

Keep 'em flying, Mrs. Smith!