Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vim and Vinegar: Cleaning Product Review and Keeping our Chins Up.

It's amazing how much more connected that we are in our modern world, and yet, we are so disconnected compared to women of much more distant ages. Humans, as a rule, require an hour of Face to Face communication with other humans, and in the world of "stranger danger" and "stay in your house" mentality, I find myself instead of real interactions, "Liking" reposts of George Takei from "Friends" I either don't know, wouldn't know by name, or haven't seen in a decade.

Since I have no outside work or social clubs, to stave off the spiralling depression that comes from having little human interaction, I've come to love today's ease of Video Chat. Not even five years ago, video chat was relegated to the deepest of Nerd or Business culture, and now I can click a couple of times and instantly and easily be chatting about recipes with my older sister. It keeps us both saner and has allowed us to become very close, even 200 miles away.

But that's one of the things that makes that poster, which hangs over my stove with many other propaganda posters (NOT including the one that has become a meme, because it was not used during the war), so meaningful to me. It is the morale that I create inside the home that carries over to the rest of the family. A clean house, good food and fresh sheets is nice, but when I am sad it reflects in my family too.

So, with that out of the way, as promised, a review of my Homemade cleaners!

The above is such a great image. I saw a lot of images of vinegar, even Heinz new "Cleaning strength" vinegar, whatever that means, I guess I'll look into it. For now, I have so far used glass cleaner, potty cleaner, and laundry detergent.

Glass Cleaner:

Oh my goodness! I give this an A+! Okay, so you have to put a little work to buff the glass to remove streaks, but once you get the hang of it WOWEE! it's so clean! It's like looking into another dimension.

Potty Cleaner:

Well, it's a solid B, it would probably be an A or A+, but it just doesn't remove the Blue from my toilet. Okay, I'm kidding. I'll give it a good solid A. On a newer toilet, it does not have to remove 30 years of use and abuse. Next week I'm going to let it sit for longer than I did this time, and I bet I'll have even better results.

Laundry Detergent:
It's an A with a but. It cleans well (don't forget to shake) but if you're going to do whites, I would suggest buying some laundry bluing. I don't use bleach since (1) bleach is not exactly healthy for my home environment OR the rest of the world, and (2), the washing mix contains Borax which is "evil neutral" but does the job of Clorox 2, without being yet another chemical. I'll pop in an extra scoop of Borax without worry on most things if I need some extra oomph in my wash, but to brighten my brights, looks like I finally get to feel like a spy.

(To quote Michael Westen from "Burn Notice": Laundry bluing is a synthetic dye that dry cleaners use by the thimble and covert operatives go through by the bottle. It blots out secrets and works like a poor man's dye pack -staining anyone who digs through your trash.)

 So there you go! My infused vinegar is still infusing, so I'll have to give you a review of that next week. What I can tell you is that the rosemary and thyme, though they smell STRONG, they also smell good! (from a distance.)