Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fighting on the Home Front! Skills to Win the War!

Good morning, Mrs. Jones! Where are you off to so early?

Oh my! That is distressing. How do you keep your clothes from falling apart when you only have so many points to spend on new ones?

Mrs. Smith has the answer for the hole in Mr. Smith's pants.

A fine job, Mrs. Smith. Say, where are you off to this morning? Not shopping, I hope!

No, you've got to save those points. So what have you got in that fetching bag?

I see. You're headed to take knitting lessons at your local craft or yarn boutique, where you can learn to make all sorts of useful things from hats and scarves to baby blankets and even head coverings for our boys overseas.

Mrs. Smith didn't know how to do many such useful things before the war, but instead of thinking of all the things she couldn't do and wasting her money and ration points replacing worn out items, she headed out to learn to make and mend with classes, books, and pamphlets. These new skills will not only help her stretch her own points, she can also use skills she's gained to help her neighbors. Perhaps she could help you learn to patch that hole, Mrs. Jones!

Remember ladies:

Preserving our points though learning new skills means the boys overseas have warm clothes to wear, boots to march in, and food to keep them strong.

Keep 'em firing--er flying--Mrs. Smith!