Friday, September 13, 2013

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without!

Well, it's been a rough battle on the Home Front this week. The dog had to go to the vet on Monday and freaked out over storms last evening, my Tuesday FotHF got delayed until Thursday because I had to research which pushed the Thursday post to today. I know what you're saying right about now: ON WITH IT!

Okay! Here goes!

As you may or may not be aware, I am not, in fact, made of money.

 Nor does it rain from the sky.

We don't go on expensive trips, we don't throw wild parties, and we can't afford a house keeper or lawn service. These aren't problems, these are facts; and these facts are the reason we are incorporating so many ideas from our forebears here at the Home Front.

That's not what I meant.

The idea is to turn from this disposable convenience culture and not only save the planet a little, but also stretch our thin budget. I've read online about a number of different families that live at or below their means, but there are a few things that work better for them than work for us here on the Home Front.

For one, usually it's a two-income household, and those incomes are greater than ours. For another, they may clip coupons, but if you've ever gone coupon hunting, you'll realize that they are all for processed junk foods. Finally, they are not supporting a husband getting their PhD. Not that there's anything wrong with the work they ARE doing, it's just not going to work for us.

We, therefore, must find new and creative ways to save money, and that's where the Home Front has come in. For instance, growing your own vegetables not only saves on the grocery bill, but eating more vegetables makes you healthier AND stretches what meats and grains you do have to buy. Learning to repair pants makes them last longer, and when they are $40-60 per pair, we can't afford to replace them every season. As for my own clothes, well, I may be a couple of seasons out of date in my style, but you can't eat $500 boots.

Well, I'd rather not, anyway.

We may not be fighting Hitler, but we are making the world better by not throwing every last thing away.

I'm planning on taking the opportunity this year to learn some small appliance repair and maybe even some real official plumbing and home repair. I don't want professionals to starve, I just don't want to call them out for every little thing, like cleaning out a sink trap or replacing a bearing in a dryer.

So as our forebears said:

Four Bears, Second Chief of the Mandan tribe.

Ahem! As they said in the Greatest Generation: