Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tranquil Fury

I thought I'd start with an image that explains how I feel this week.

You see, there's a sort of calm that can overtake a mother when her child is hurting, suffering. A frightening kind of calm taught to us by our mothers, our grandmothers, our great grandmothers and so on into the mists of time. I've gone beyond my usual ranting and raging anger and into this "eye of the storm" sort of calm, the kind of calm that you walk around with a bemused smile while things explode around you. Carrie calm.

Or Harley Quinn.

Junior's school has been less than honest with us about the state required support that they are giving him. When we have heard more about Coupon Books than we do about our child's class, then we take issue. Unfortunately, we can't afford a private school, so we'll have to fall back to the ultimate in Private Education: Home Schooling. This is hopefully just a stop-gap until we can either find a private school that we can afford OR he goes into Middle School.

In the meantime, I have a number of influential teachers for inspiration:

Constance Hardbroom, The Worst Witch

Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter

Dr. Penny Ferguson, MHS

These women are, to me, what a teacher should be, strict but fair, stern but caring, and challenging to all their students. I may not be as mighty as they are, but as with everything on the Home Front, I do it because I have to, not always because I want to.

It's not all frustrating news, though! After six years of wearing the same khaki pants, my husband found new pants that he likes, which means that I can leave off attempting to patch his pants.

There's only so much one can do.

The next and most important step for the Home Front will be budgeting. Not just for groceries (using whole foods means that for a standard week of groceries, we can spend under $100 for three people), but also for other things. I'll be working on our home plan and probably have something to post on it next Tuesday.