Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breaking up is never easy.

Oh wow, is it Thursday already?


It seems like a thousand years ago that I was posting about being fed up with Junior's school, or as we began to think of it, his state required daycare. He really wasn't learning anything but how to be bored. Story of too many lives, including many of you, my dear readers.

So thanks to modern technology, I don't have to feel so disconnected as I join the ranks of--

Resistance is Futile.

Well, I was going to say homeschooling housewyfs. Close enough.

I will adapt.

After all, there's a lot to be learned from our Delta Quadrant friends, here, and not just about trans-warp corridors. They have the fighting thirst of the Klingons, the art of the Romulans, the ruthlessness of the Cardassians, and the calm of the Vulcans. After all, their technological and biological uniqueness was added to their own.

These are ST:TOS meerkats, your argument is irrelevant.
(I see nothing wrong with this. Don't judge me.)
(ETA: On review, I noticed that they were in front of the Enterprise-D, that IS wrong.)

So, back on topic, next Friday, I finally seal my fate and sign the papers to withdraw Junior from Brick and Mortar public school and resign myself to spending 6.5 hours a day attempting to fulfil his educational needs. I'm actually really very thankful that I don't have to figure this out from scratch, and that I won't be alone. He'll have a teacher to report to, books to learn from. It's all wonderfully done for my lazy butt. (Can you say bon-bons and daytime TV? Nah, I can't either, I'm only occasionally a total "Mrs. Jones.")

Currently, I'm penning a final letter to Junior's first grade teacher asking her to collect all his things. It's going to feel a bit like the exile scene in the Stallone Judge Dredd. "Let him be remembered in/stricken from our hearts and minds, forever." (EDIT: Mistaken date due to bad communication. Next Friday. Imagine the day we had.)

It could be worse.

In other Home Front news, we've put another infernal machine out of use. My grass whip arrived today, which may not be as sharp as a scythe, but it requires a lot less skill and not only can I clear the weeds without a Masters Degree in peening, but I can also work on my golf swing while I do yard work. At this point, between the new grass whip, the reel mower, and the scythe, the Home Front is now using only human power to tend our little 1/2 acre.

Also not powered by gas or electric.

Finally, a bit of a quandry has been solved, but not in the way I would have liked. It turns out that the evening cough has not just been a dry throat. I seem to be having an allergic reaction to my bedding, probably dust mites. There's not much for it, even replacing the mattress would regain the same problem in a few short months.

To save that cost (we will eventually need to do this as ours is 12 years old and we tend to meet in the middle), I'm going to buy a cover for our mattress and start regularly either hanging out my pillows in the sunshine or throwing them in the dryer for a while to kill the dust mites. Husband and I might revisit our earlier discussions of a Japanese style futon, especially if I can convince him to build me a drying rack outside for daily or weekly hanging.

Suck on some sunlight, you little bastards!