Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fighting on the Home Front! Hidden Gems in your Refrigerator!

What's for dinner, Mrs. Jones? Leftovers? That's excellent! You've been paying attention to what Uncle Sam has been telling us:

What's the matter? Ah, the family can get pretty bored of three days of roast. Well, I suppose few of us would blame them, but let's go look at Mrs. Smith, her family never seems bored! She's serving up a wonderful casserole tonight, my my, that smells good!

Mrs. Smith, what is your secret? Oh, there IS a secret hiding in that dish, isn't there. With rice, crackers or breadcrumbs, white sauce or gravy, a little meat and some fresh vegetables, and maybe even a dash of cheese if you can spare it, and you've turned leftover night from a sad affair to a gala event in taste and thrift! Just layer it all in together, bake in the oven until heated through.

Our friends across the pond remind us:

Now, let's not forget those little ones at Halloween. For those craving sweets at home, don't forget that many recipes for spice cakes and honey buns take less sugar than they used to, and a spooky and fabulous time can be had when you're not filling up bags.

Also, let's look at what we already have on hand for those costumes. Just like our food, we must save the cotton and other fabrics for our boys overseas. Mrs. Smith has adapted an old dress and a pair of Mr. Smith's trousers that are too worn to wear, and now Junior makes a scary ghoul, without wasting precious cloth.

Keep 'em flying, Mrs. Smith!