Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fighting on the Home Front: The Smells of Home

(Editor's note: Last week while Mrs. Smith handled her son's education, Mrs. Jones was in charge of the Blog posting. Now you understand why we do not let this happen often.)

It's lunchtime, and Mrs. Jones is setting out her bread and jam while she counts up her points for next week's meals. There never seem to be quite as many as Mrs. Smith seems to have, even though they have families of the same size.

What's that wonderful smell coming from Mrs. Smith's house? Why, it's fresh bread! Manufactured bread costs more than just points, shipping the ingredients to factories and then to your home wastes precious resources needed for our boys overseas.

Our troops need shipping far more than our food!

And let's not forget, pies, and other pastries, when you can spare the rations provide a great lift to the family, and a little sugar can go a long way when it comes to morale at home. Meanwhile, homemade jam need not be trucked further than from the local berry patch, or even your own garden, and can bring a taste of summer to a blustery winter day when canned as jam! Making jam can also earn you extra sugar rations since you'll be stretching those points through the winter.

And let's not forget the wonderful smell of a kitchen in operation! This can help lighten spirits as well as lengthen that food budget. So ladies, let's get cooking!

Keep 'em flying Mrs. Smith!

Today's recipes come from Ms. Anna Liffey, who provides us with a few things to help satisfy that nagging sweet tooth!