Thursday, November 14, 2013

Regular Postings are not Regular.

I never realized, when I started this blog, how much of my time would be taken up sitting at the computer and NOT doing something personal. There's no checking G+ and few spare hours to do anything at all BUT click buttons on the school website. Not precisely what I imagined, but at least Junior's getting some sort of a state required education, and not being yelled out of the room. So due to this unforeseen change, it's put a dent in my ability to post. It's as if I got a full time job that doesn't pay.

In today's news of the Home Front, I made a deal with Junior that if he helped me recover our living room from the Blitz that was Halloween and the first month of school, that I'd give him a pass on today's chore chart. You see, my mother taught me a lesson many many years ago, a lesson I take to my heart: If you've got kids, put them to work. Hey, Junior lives in this house, too!

Normally, he has his regular chores to do. I have them listed out with a chart, as well as clear rules. Our system is this: If he does his chore with a good attitude, he gets a sticker on that chore, if he does it but has a bad attitude, he gets a check. If he doesn't do it? An X. An x on any chore means he gets no payment. Mostly checks means he gets his dollar for the day, but no point. Mostly stickers, and he gets a dollar and a point that he can save up for some special rewards like eating out or buying off a choice of chores.

Today, however, he earned his dollar and a point, because he helped me get the living room back up to scratch and was a terrific helper! Maybe tomorrow we'll lounge around in there and do our work. Maybe tomorrow, we'll also get the kitchen cleaned up and I can be proud of our home front again!