Thursday, December 5, 2013


Okay, let's get this post started off right:

Nothing can contain it!

Well, a few things have happened over the past little bit, so it's going to take some brainpower this morning to sort it into a pseudo-coherent post.

More or less...

Most of our recent conversations have been in congratulations of our good friend Sid, who is getting married in may. We're very happy for him, and as his close friends, we are invited to the wedding, and of course we'll stand there with him...

Oh, and it'll be on the other side of the world. In India.

Multiple hands optional.

While I'm going to totes rock a sari, I always thought that I would, I don't know... slide into international travel. You know, start with Canada or Mexico, places closer to home, then maybe to another country whose culture is more like my own before I expand my palette to include wildly different countries. Oh well, dive in, enjoy, and take my courage, my cheerfulness, and my resolve with me!

I'm carefully moving from "terrified that I will be kidnapped and sold into international slavery" to "I might actually survive this!"

Cautious Optimism... or an early spring.

I am currently bearing up in the tradition of the Home Front. Just contacted the state Gifted Association about Junior and found out that there is a gifted testing facility that the recommend and it's just down the road. It's not cheap, but it's nearby.

Just a few more equations, and I'll be able to
summon my own waffles!

I manage to tat here and there to keep my sanity. As the crafters among you should know (that should be most of you, if I know my readership), there are few better ways to keep your sanity while holding up the world.

Multitasking is key.

This isn't made much easier by a pair of bra-line bruised ribs. Apparently the bra recommended by Oprah doesn't really hold up to a work out created by Zeek. Between incline sit ups, lateral raises on my stomach, and jumping jacks, I am remembering why I wear a soft sports bra instead of one that actually provides a ton of support.

"Okay, maybe an under wire was a bad idea."

Once I'm healed up, though, I'm going to try again. This is an amazing workout!

This man is ten years older
than my parents.

We never give up, here on the Home Front. Today is laundry day, and I will be washing, drying, fluffing and folding. The boy will be helping me with my grocery shopping, and I will have a nice clean house by the end of the day.

Hope springs eternal.