Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back from Hiatus, I think.

So it's been utterly upside-down and cross-ways here on the Home Front.

Plus side, minor repairs are a lower priority.

The holidays liked to have killed me, but after this many years, I've managed to survive. Down side, I didn't see my siblings or their kids for the holidays which is a MAJOR bummer. I miss my brother and my sister, terribly. I did get to see parents, cook good meals and enjoy time with our friend. Up side? I also didn't murder anyone.

Nor did I lead any parades.

It's been a wild roller coaster in the school department as well. We have been tangling with the school both due to our India trip and for gifted testing. Well the India thing has been decidedly easier, but thanks to Husband's knowledge of The System, we've taken a "26 week observation and assessment period" and made it into a "We're sending you the paperwork and will have him tested as soon as possible.

Just waiting on their reply now.

And who knows, if Junior was in regular school out of the house, I'd probably do the whole house twice a week AND have time for my hobbies.

Didn't you know I was a gamer?

Speaking of hobbies, I've been picking up a new skill: Gregg shorthand. Technically, if you want to get down to it, it's a bit anachronistic to the time period, but then, I also enjoy my computer, my bread machine, dishwasher, and a laundry list of medical advancements. Besides having always wanted to learn shorthand, it will help me with other tasks. It's an all around useful skill. Especially considering all the meetings that we have had with Junior's teachers it might become incredibly important to have detailed notes.

As for my hipster hobbies of churning butter and baking my own bread, I've only bought one loaf of bread in the months since buying the bread machine. The husband is enjoying choosing his own slice thickness, and his ability to cut it by himself has drastically improved. (If it didn't I'd have to keep doing it for him, and that would interrupt his quiet morning. Downside, the first bread machine couldn't keep up with us. I just got another $20 machine off of craigslist. A cute guy with a great truck didn't need his anymore. That's the great thing about bread machines. Most people buy them thinking that they'll do what I'm doing.

Because this is useful.

In pet issues, it seems that one of our guinea pigs will likely die this year. To be fair they are rather old, and we've taken good care of them. These will be our last guinea pigs. Their corner will probably be filled with bookshelves and maybe a work-desk for me.

It's not all this kind of glory.

Last but not least, there IS actually been some pre-spring cleaning. Every year, we promise that we'll declutter the Home Front.

The problem comes when the regular use surfaces are not just cluttered, but just dirty. Who cares about organizing the kitchen when the regular dishes aren't done? So I have re-instituted my one room a day clean, which works very well for our family. In addition to this, I've put the husband to work, and the kid, which makes my life easier.

Your Nagus is proud of you.

So everyone has their check-lists. It's been working pretty well. Though this week we're catching up after we all took a snow day. I'm also introducing a new "Friend" of mine, the Pentopus of Alien Doubt. You know how sometimes you read something or someone says something to you, and suddenly you doubt things that make perfect sense? As in, you start to believe the conspiracy theorist. Well, here's the reason.

"You don't see anything!"
Shut up, Pentopus.