Thursday, September 3, 2015

Okay folks, I know it's been a while. It has been a busy summer, getting Jr. into a new school, handling the first sinus infection of the season, and of course, our new family members, Boone the Treeing Walker Coonhound and the Diva who shall be called Diana for the purposes of the public blog. I have also started my first tree, a Meyer Lemon named Steve. We are hoping to finish planting our trees and shrubs as autumn falls on us, and I am hoping for some real progress on the five year plan.

I am hoping to have time once a week to do a proper post, but we have seen how that works out. I am cursed with DVD, and I sometimes get distracted by other things. Mostly by the baby, let's be honest.

Another part of the five year garden plan actually came from Mr. Jones, this summer. I had not considered actually putting my jar shelves inset. I should have gotten Mr. Jones some cabinetry books sooner!

Anyway, I'm back to catching up on my stuff. I'm behind from Monday and only JUST getting the sheets washed.