Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wait long enough...

Sometimes we teach people the wrong lessons. Sometimes you have to take those lessons and roll with them. The current lesson? Wait long enough, and I will do it.

Recently, on the Home Front Mr. Smith began an experiment to see how much mail he could pile onto the mail holder beside the door (and every other surface).

Turns out, a lot.

There was mail in the pile that dated to April. So in a fit of frustration, I combined a couple of decluttering projects. I moved the filing cabinet that has been my night table into the entry and actually FILED all the bills and things that came in, keeping only the most recent. As for the rest, it has been collected for the next shredding day at the bank. Or I could burn it.

That's about half of it.

So with that done, I have turned my attention to the space where all he large clutter has accumulated. The bassinet, the OTHER bassinet, my old desk chair, and the probably broken stroller. I would rather put these last two on the curb, though I admit I retain a mild affinity for the old desk chair, in reality, I need a chair with a back. I would throw the stroller away, but for hubby who is convinced that if it sits in our living room long enough, it will be fixed and useful by MAGIC! Really, it's too large to take anywhere, and has been replaced by the moby until the Diva can walk on her own.

In other news, I managed a temporary but half-decent fix on the attic ladder, which is necessary with the promised decluttering that Mr. Smith will be giving me for Christmas. Since I finally have my Kingdom of Loathing Tiny Plastic Sword AND a Golden Mr. Accessory, he's not going to get away with cyber gifts. I'm really making him work this year.

I'm making a list.

Okay, it's actually a very short list. The problem is that most of the clutter is Mr. Smith's. I have been paring down my stuff and though my internest can become cluttered from time to time, I clean up regularly because I have a lot of projects running at once.

Currently, I am working on my tatting as usual, while planning a separate lace project and reading about yet another kind of lace. I am also working on the Hobbit Book, aka the Lore Book of the family, starting with my Mom, because I have to start somewhere. I am going to have to buy some of those extender things so I can fit in more pages, but my hope is to have a bio and photo/art page for each family member and spouse. Then I will have a Yearly Summary letter that will be appropriately accessorized. I will probably do that at Thanksgiving, Because anything that happens in the last month can be added on after.

It won't be too big, I'm sure.

Anyway, I've got a lot done, but SO much left to do. Junior is sick and has been home since Monday with a general annoying cold. I hate that he's missed so much, but let's be honest what has he really missed this week education wise? Yes, we are still fighting the school. Yes, 99% of school systems are run by a bunch of jerks who couldn't educate their way out of a paper bag, among other factors involving other people.

This mom's group found out I wanted my son to
study something on his OWN academic level.