Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Definition of Insanity

Okay, so it's a wonderful thing when you can actually STOP coughing and wheezing before you are out of breath and covered in pee. I think I knew a long time ago that I was destined to have asthma, or else someone told me. Point being, the inhaler is a lifesaver--and I'm not sure that's just being figurative.

So now with that out of the way, I may not be on the exercise circuit just yet but I am able to do some work. Junior brought home a bear of a cold, and somehow gave it to his sister before I ended up with it, and with all the snuggling I would have thought I'd have caught it sooner so I could give her a little antibody boost, but she seems to have finally shaken it. Do you know what you can do when a baby has a sinus headache?

That's what you can do.

I held her and walked around, which did seem to help. I also planned dinner for this and next week and have begun obsessing on what I can do to get my family back on a track to health. We've been getting caught up in a Friday/Saturday blow-out that's gone off the rails. I stopped the soda encroachment for the most part, though I admit I went for about four days with bare minimum sleep to stave off hallucinations and on those days, I'd use a soda to give me a caffeine boost.

It's like liquid sleep!

In other new, my palm pilot has started having charging issues and no longer fully charges even after being left for a while on the charging dock. I have been nervously lamenting the change back to paper or perhaps some OTHER shopping application to help me keep track of my budget. Is it wrong that I want to see the aisles, prices, and total cost all in one easy, straightforward manner? I don't need wifi, sharing, or pretty pictures, I just need a shopping app that WORKS and helps my budget. So, for those of you who follow my G+ you know that I found rShopping List on the play store and it is AMAZING! It is a rewrite of the original program that has kept me tied to the Palm m500.

Pretty sure this is an actual picture of the author.

Christmas is almost here. That means Crimbo gaming on Kingdom of Loathing, shopping, wrapping, and planning Junior's birthday. (I have big ideas.) It is also my first Christmas with Steve the Meyer lemon. Unfortunately, being self-thinning, Steve is apparently not confident in his ability to bear adult lemons. I've lost all but two of my fruits and I don't have much confidence that they will survive.

I believe in you, Steve!

I am hoping to get back to my lace, soon. I've made decent progress, but I'm still feeling terribly slow for all the amazing work other tatters do. Granted, I am doing them with a little barnacle. On top of that I am working on deep cleaning.

I slipped this week, I do have plans to declutter what I can by myself. Yesterday, in my usual fit of cleaning pique, I cleared off the top of my dresser. I found a lot of interesting things, discarded a few "holding on to the memories" sort of things, and actually put a lot of things away. I fear if I'd left it much longer I'd have to call in a professional to deal with it.

Meet Ruth the archaeologist.

I have been working on this for several weeks, doing the decluttering that I can, but I think the house has figured me out. It feels like it's actively fighting me. I clear a spot and in a week, it looks as though I have done nothing. The new messes clean up quicker, because they aren't filled with year old trash and sticky things, but it can be frustrating to watch an area that you designed and cleaned by yourself covered over with the same trash and sticky things that you JUST spent all day clearing away.

Well, I'm not one to be deterred. I have been working three and a half years on a tablecloth, knot by knot, I am not going to give any ground on this. Excelsior!