Thursday, March 10, 2016

The fight at home.

So, as reported earlier, I have been working on conquering my house from the post-pregnancy and new infant destruction. This is harder to do when the house seems to actively fight back. Of late, I've gotten my entry clean when a month later it looks like my hours of work were hours playing Candy Crush or Facebook Cross-stitch.

I would rather spend my craft money on crafts.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I've cleaned the stove enough that it is not only sanitary, but it's nice as well. I even replaced the drip pans with porcelain ones which should wipe clean rather than rust through like the aluminum ones. Of course, like any proper homemaker what I really want is a new stove, possibly one of those beautiful glass top ones.

Or, you know...

But I keep fighting the good fight. Without me, this family would be living like raccoons inside two weeks, and even though sometimes it can be daunting, I have to keep working. Of course, that being said in the course of online political discourse, someone told me that, because I am a housewife, I have no ambition and desire only to mooch off of others. I had to write my response three times before I could stem my anger. I'm not gonna lie, I also called them a Nazi for their xenophobia, so I really can't claim the high road here. Weirdly, though, it wasn't a Godwin, as their "solution" for the country's troubles smacked of someone else who had a "Solution."

Yes, ma'am!

I admit it, he pressed a button I've had for a LONG time. That being said, though I do have plans for the summer. The frustrating part is that Mr. Smith is working on his dissertation over spring break, and when the Boys are home it just means more work for me. I haven't had four hours to myself since the baby was born. I've barely had time for tatting, so I've only worked thirty of the forty medallions, the centers of which I did during doctor appointments and non-stress tests.

I felt like this, only I was tatting.

Of course, now I have a Diva to chase which is why this post has taken two days to write. I had to stop in the middle of the previous sentence because I had to chase her again, this time, she was exploring the toilet, so I wiped her down with baby wipes. I guess I need to get her a water table to play with outside... or inside.

Which ought to keep her occupied for all of five minutes.

Well I guess its time to get more coffee, wash some clothes, and change out the toys again.