Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pulling it out of my... hat.

I have learned at least one important lesson this week: staying up until after midnight may be fun, but it makes the next morning is a bear. But with Christmas on the horizon, it's time to focus and work harder than ever.

Also, so far none of my growing efforts seem to be doing much except the millet, which is a grass. I'm thinking of seeding the whole yard with it. Then when my husband has to tend the lawn, it's not mowing, it's "harvesting."

I joined the women's land army.
Now I farm dirt.

The biggest news of the week is that I ordered new glasses through my insurance, so it only cost me $100 rather than $500. I love that the insurance covers so much and a yearly exam. I am proud of my eyes and their health. I am sad that I won't be able to get transitions this time, since I have had them since 2000, but as they say, groceries come first!

And these are completely covered by my insurance!

In other news Mr. Tardigrade had a little abdominal surgery. His middle seam split and had to be repaired. I used quilting thread which is lighter than what they used. To be honest, I don't even know how the split happened. But being a tardigrade, he made it through with little scarring and came out of recovery just fine. (Warning: Surgical pictures below. Those of you with weak stomachs may want to click through to cat pictures.)

The original split. 

Checking the sutures. 

In recovery.

Also, the Diva picked up Mr. Smith's cold and got a fever yesterday, but it's just a boring old cold, treated with snuggles, apple juice, and naps. But just this morning, I managed to fix the broken door of the Diva's play kitchen. I have tried superglue, tape, and everything else, so today I used a dowel rod. Getting it in place was a bear, which makes me wonder how in the name of St. Sneaky Pete (KoL) I got the other one in. Maybe I broke it before she finished it off.

American ingenuity meets Chinese toy.
I win.

But to top off the week, I got a christmas postcard from some great people who are putting the Love back into the Satellite of Love. #BroughtbackMST3K I'm so amazingly excited! Cambot, give me Rocket #9...


You'll find us in the credits... under BERT Lowe.