Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cold Coffee

It also has a fly in it. I wish I were joking.

Well, it's no Ester Williams

To be fair, it was cold before the fly landed in it. I was distracted by cleaning my living room. Maybe it's a manic phase, maybe it's just spring and this is my time for cleaning. The flowers are blooming, the frogs are singing, it's just a great time to refresh my living space.

Elegance without peer!

So far this week has been spent cleaning. Not just throwing some dishes into the dishwasher and wiping down the surfaces, but really DEEP cleaning. I have a goal this summer of not falling back on routine and pre-packaged foods. In order to do more actual cooking, I have to have clean surfaces and an efficient kitchen. Of course, the pressure cooker has become an amazing kitchen thing, and has sent our crockpot into semi retirement. It's really amazing.

 I call it Big Bertha.

Today was the living room. The Diva seems to have other ideas rather than cleanliness in the house, so I have to accept "sanitary chaos" as my current standard of clean. The dog has also been clingy, and I think that the rush of cleaning is not doing well for him, either because of his nose and he smells all the stuff disturbed, or because the upset and everything. Whatever it is, he's very frustrating right now and probably will be until things settle down again.

Here he is NOT being a pill for five minutes.

I'm even wearing my aprons while I clean again, because I have hope. Of course, there's still work to be done, but having a place that feels more productive, can actually make me more productive. Instead of my desk feeling like a hostage situation, it feels as though we've put our guns down and I've taken my finger off the button. It's no longer a place where I've piled everything Ruth doesn't need to have or has gotten somehow or another, its a relaxed space where I can do things... like blog.

I've changed aprons twice.

I'm actually still 5 lbs under where I was when I got pregnant. I was down eight pounds, but the end of the month got a little unhealthy. This is probably also what has led to my manic need to clean my house. There's a track by my house, but walking around and around doesn't appeal to me, on top of having to get the baby secured in some method of conveyance. I'd rather just spend time walking in my climate controlled house getting something done, and she would rather be free to take a few steps (which is a thing that is also happening)!

This is not her.
This is Steve, my lemon tree.
He has three potential lemons.

In the world of crafting, I had some stuff hubby wanted done for his class: an Alpaca, a mobius scarf, and something that might have been a scarf but turned into a ridiculously fringed keyboard cosy. (They are programming students. All projects were loved.) I am just now almost done with the fifth of the final ten motifs that make a triangle. I've done four of these in all, and I'm really ready to move on to the next thing. It feels good to be tatting again.

Showin' off the new tats!