Monday, June 27, 2016

Going it alone... For a Week.

My husband packed his bags and is spending the week in St. Paul, MN, with his mistress, Science. To be fair, he's known her longer than he's known me, and she's very demanding of his time. Who am I to say no?

Friday was hard. Really hard. Saturday was easier, though the boy was off to spend the night at Grandma's, so it was just me and the Diva.

This is not today, but she's not any LESS
boogery, now that she's learning to climb on things.
Little monkey!

Today, though? Today was actually easy. I mean, I ran two loads of dishes, cleaned my living room, caught and released another lizard and tried to run a wash load until I realized that the lid switch broke, so I performed an interim fix on it and now I'm running another wash load.

Okay, it's not the BEST fix, but in lieu of the part I need, it will hold.

Oh yeah. I'm feelin' it!

It's not been all wine and roses, of course, but I have hope that this will not be the crippling disaster that I presaged. I have even found time to do some tatting, and look at me blogging in my usual seasonal cycle!

The biggest thing for me, right now, is escaping Siberia. Not physically, but mentally. In the nearly ten years since I left the 'Boro, I've had one person my age that I could talk to, and she got sent back to India because I talked to her like an equal. I know I could go to or Facebook or somewhere and start a meet-up in my area of quirky, sci-fi loving thread crafters who don't have cable, don't like Game of Thrones, and can't be around smokers, but that's hard for someone who is normally an introvert. (Really, if you make a reference to GoT, I will stare at you like someone who has never watched Life of Bryan when you say "People who are like Rome go towards the house?!")

And lately I've started forgetting how to People. I'm pretty sure that it does NOT involve screaming really aggressively and throwing socks at each other until our wicker baskets are empty and then picking up all the socks, but I'm not 100% sure, and I don't want to be the only one without socks if I go out. I mean, no body wants to be that guy, and of course, if I take the precaution of going out with a wicker basket full of socks, everyone's gonna be looking at me funny, and that's not exactly helping my "I just want to stay in my house" feeling.

I'm ready though.
Just in case.