Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I have been meaning to come back with a weekly regularity, but to be honest, I don't know how those mommy bloggers do it. They seem to always have their kids making cupcakes or homeschooling or what have you, while I turn my back for five minutes to find this.

Well, how do YOU get your feet clean?

Meanwhile I have been using spare moments to tat, which has taken up a lot of my spare brainpower. Seriously, I haven't had such fits over any piece of the tea cloth like I have this one.

This is the fourth time I've tatted this.

Worked it out last night that I have about 200 square feet in my "Garden Moat" plan. That's way more room than I need just for herbs, considering a few of the gardening websites tout "Grow enough to feed ten people every year in 300 square feet of space!"  Of course, I have ulterior motives for the Garden Moat, as most of the herbs I am looking at are pungent pest deterrents, which means we will send the kitchen ants and possibly even the rats packing.

The Diva is measuring off space for her
own plot of land.

Our house sits on half an acre, which means I have options. Of course I have to leave room for the dog, because we will always have a dog, we've proven that. We also have to contend with the two walnuts and the surviving oak tree, but that will be more of a problem 50 years from now, I suspect. Until then, I have some time to garden.

Or, I could always MAKE flowers.
Lace is hard to resist.

In the spring I would love to plant our apple and peach trees and blueberry bushes, Though I'm going to have to do some more reading on the subject. I must be doing something right, since Steve the Meyer Lemon still has his big lemon, two little ones, and is in bloom right now, and I found a third parsley seedling this morning just poking up. I'm going to have to prepare a second pot soon to separate my sage from my sleepy parsley which took over a month to sprout.

Apparently two years dormancy is a long time to parsley.
Up and at 'em, boys!

I plan on propagating it, so that it won't be lonely in my garden moat. Of course, the parsley, sage, oregano, and green onions--which I haven't decided whether they are an herb or a vegetable in spite of what others have said--will have to be right near the kitchen. And of course, I'll be planting Milkweed in the front of the house, because who doesn't love butterflies, and Monarchs to boot!