Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grout Scrubbing

I've decided that posts will be on Wednesday this year, it's just working out that way.

It's been kind of a dull week. Not much to report, which means that while I've not been working through outside stuff a lot of my thoughts have turned inward, hence the grout-scrubbing.

We did get our first presents from the Satellite of Love. I got 12 postcards, though for aesthetics, I only put up 11 of them and gave hubby the poster-postcard for "Manos the Hands of Fate," because it's his favorite.

I've moved Ted (the bread machine) into storage since I really only make bread these days on special occasions, but I use my grill and Little Bertha (the electric pressure cooker) every week. So they got new stations in the kitchen, and I've also cleaned it to the point where Gordon Ramsay will only yell at me and make me clean it all over again rather than vomit and throw me out. I call it progress.

In the lull of the new year and the return to routine it is important to soldier on.