Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grout Scrubbing

I've decided that posts will be on Wednesday this year, it's just working out that way.

It's been kind of a dull week. Not much to report, which means that while I've not been working through outside stuff a lot of my thoughts have turned inward, hence the grout-scrubbing.

We did get our first presents from the Satellite of Love. I got 12 postcards, though for aesthetics, I only put up 11 of them and gave hubby the poster-postcard for "Manos the Hands of Fate," because it's his favorite.

I've moved Ted (the bread machine) into storage since I really only make bread these days on special occasions, but I use my grill and Little Bertha (the electric pressure cooker) every week. So they got new stations in the kitchen, and I've also cleaned it to the point where Gordon Ramsay will only yell at me and make me clean it all over again rather than vomit and throw me out. I call it progress.

In the lull of the new year and the return to routine it is important to soldier on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Busy, snowy week.

I didn't take any snow pictures, weird, I know. I did take a pic of the lead-in. This is how you know when a little snow is on the way.

No eggs.

After this it did snow a little. The Diva got to experience it for the first time in her memory and like any good scientist, she was cautions before she delicately touched it.


I did try to make mittens for my Diva, but I ran into a snag. Literally. Since I knit 2-in-1 which saves me from having to knit and measure a second mitten. Really, I have second sock psychosis* like you wouldn't believe.
(*Not a real name for a real thing.)

So one little mistake, where the wires got crossed, turned into a frogging event. I'm restarting them, and since it will be warm this week, hopefully, I can have it done by the next time it snows. I am using a self-striping wool/bamboo blend yarn which makes a fun little pattern, and I'm starting both mittens in the same part of the pattern so they match.

I could have fixed the
mistake at this point,
had I checked it.

I don't give up. Just means I have to try again. I've thought about making a little hat or maybe a scarf out of the spare to match, depending on what I have left. Though she already has a lovely hat to wear.

Waiting to pick up Big Brother.

Anyway, I'm finally getting my house back. I haven't seen my kitchen counter since Thanksgiving, so it's nice to have a clean kitchen to work with. I still have a lot of work to do, but I set up a reading corner for the Diva, cleared out a lot of the baby clutter in the living room, and I've even done some laundry.

Curling up with a good book.

We are still working on the concept of "on the shelf" as opposed to "on the floor," but she's still little. That shelf is filled with all of Big Brother's old Baby books, so He'll need a new "big kid" shelf but she was in desperate need, and we can replace his shelf to give him a place to put all his new programing books.

As for my difficult to photograph elder child, we have been at odds for a while over his YouTube habits and there's still the work we have to do on his dexterity, but I think he and I have come to a compromise. He can still watch YouTube, but he needs to use it as a reward for himself, which hopefully will help him flex his mental muscles again.

In unrelated news, Santa (my mom) brought me a second pressure cooker, a smaller one, and I have used it about twice a week. I'm a huge fan of home cooking, and since we're a tad strapped after Santa (my husband) spent too much on Christmas for the kids, it's helps our grocery dollars go a lot further, and chicken and dumplings made with pressure cooker stock is AMAZING. I used to be scared of pressure cookers. Now I'm in absolute love with mine: Big and Little Bertha.

Just imagine a picture of a little electric pressure cooker here. Mine is in my still very messy kitchen.

Now to get back to trying to rescue my house and re-do the mittens.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

I know, I haven't posted since before Christmas, it's been super busy, so here are lots of pictures to make up for it. It's long, so grab a coffee.

 My baking can boldly go
where no baked goods
have gone before.

Totally not a fruitcake.
Okay, maybe a fruitcake.
It's really spicy though,
and made from a British ration recipe.

My little artist, keeping busy while I cook.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake.
(From a mix. I'm not insane.)
I used this to make a GF yule slab.

Sugared mint leaves and raspberries.
(Well, okay, maybe a little insane.)

Making a sponge cake from a wartime recipe.
In the end, it actually almost overflows my mixing bowls.
I would love to have a matched set of about 4-5 2qt mixing bowls.

 Sponge cake in a jelly roll pan.

Spread with whipped cream and rolled up.
This is the Yule log skeleton.

Finished product, though the ganache
was not cooled at the time of this picture.
Neither Ganache nor whipped cream
were ration friendly unless I had been
saving my ingredients and points
for months.

These are gluten free popovers made from scratch.
It was not, as Jet Propulsion would say,
"A delicious failure."
It was just a failure. A pretty gross one.

Christmas day shenanigans.

Hubby and his favorite new shirt.

Santa brought a new TV,
So I set up a new video game/media center.

That glowing streak comes from the eyes of a troll
hubby and I have wanted since before we met.
The store where we bought our trolls was closing
due to new ownership of the mall,
so we bought him with our Christmas money.

This is a pie bird.
They have been used for 2-300 years,
and mine worked quite well to ensure the bottom
crust of my chicken pot pie was done.

I didn't know this was a thing
until after I saw Frozen.
I thought about getting it,
now I might make it when it snows
just so I can serve it hot.

My living room still looks like this.
Kids had a great holiday,
but I foresee the declutter tornado coming through
soon to clear out a bunch of unused stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. I'll get back to my regular posting next week when the boys are back at school and I fight to get my routine back in place.